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worldatiltThe flurry of tweets, blog posts and video streams covering ASAE and The Center’s 2009 Technology Conference have provided an invaluable source of information and useful insights for those not able to attend or participate in the entire event.  Okay, so it’s not surprising that a gathering of tech-heads and those with curious interest would use technology to share ideas, insights, and information.  Duh!  What’s fantastic though is the steady stream of minute-by-minute insights and the overall collection of both subtle detail and grand perspective throughout the event and beyond.  If you couldn’t be there, here are a couple of places to learn from those who were:

* Take a look at #techo9 on Twitter.  Don’t have a Twitter account?  It’s worth setting one up just to read the comments.
* Visit with Jamie Notter’s blog.  He’s done a fabulous job of capturing the big ideas and providing links to other participants sharing their own perspectives.
* Get thyself to Acronym.  The blogging tag-team at ASAE and The Center have captured so many ideas—as one participant said—“it makes their head hurt”.

One final observation.  The sheer volume of chatter, on-line video, and commentary arising from ASAE and The Center’s 2009 Technology Conference has illuminated the essential need to re-think the immortality of trade shows and other large-scale gatherings.  With a strong, citizen-based media, openness on the part of sponsors (kudos to ASAE and the Center on this count) and a strong selection of web-based tools to handle the distribution workload, we are all witness to a remarkable new value proposition for associations, event and meeting planners and the audiences they serve.  Is it too much of a stretch to imagine a strictly on-line virtual conference or event in which bloggers, citizen journalists, members and other observers are asked to participate virtually using tweets, IMs, blog posts and other “real-time” online tools to comment, criticize, give props, or rave and rant about the speaker’s content, ideas and value gained by participating in the non-event, event?  Before you answer, take a close look at the instructive lessons from ASAE and The Center’s Tech 09.

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