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Be Open To The Possibility.

It’s fun to read things that make my ears perk up.  So Friday’s Wall Street Journal gets my vote for delivering a triple play.  Beyond the thoughtful and positive review by Joe Morgenstern of the just released film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (an illuminating fantasy majestically created from a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald), and a short vignette by Karl Rove about President Bush’s competitive nature and reading habits,  Wall Street’s bulls will revel and optimists may rejoice in Zachary Karabell’s Op-Ed piece “The Economic News Isn’t All Bleak“.  Karabell’s analysis  makes explicit the subtle changes that have occurred in the global economy thanks to information technology and delivers an important piece of leadership advice along the way.  The “rush to declare the future bleak has obscured the fact that no one knows the outcome of an unprecedented event.  No one.” Karabell writes.  “The worst course in the face of uncertainty is blind faith in conventional wisdom and past patterns.  The best is to stay humble in the face of the unknown, creative and unideological about solutions, and open to the possibility that as quickly as things turned sour they can reverse.”  While we may not be able to live our lives backwards as in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, as leaders we surely can surely agree that optimism focused on a better future will be a true ‘force multiplier’ moving forward.