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Embrace Change

Beth Ziesenis has written a wonderfully engaging piece for ASAE and The Center’s CEO Leadership Letter titled Leading Your Association to Embrace Change.** As she rightly points out, the business of associations is change.  Building off the recently released research Designing Your Future  by Rohit Talwar that identifies 10 key patterns of change likely to impact organizations and the communities they serve, Beth explores the critical role executives face  in dealing with fast-paced change.

Whether a CEO chooses a team system or encourages future thinking as strategies to deal with change, management will also strengthen staff’s ability to run a successful organization by illuminating their approach.   Beth shares the wisdom of management consultant and author Rosabeth Moss Kanter who posits in The Enduring Skills of Change Leaders that “techniques that facilitate change within organizations—creating listening posts, opening lines of communication, articulating a set of explicit, shared goals, building coalitions, acknowledging others—are key to effective partnerships and sustaining high performance, not just managing change.”  There are several concepts here worth thinking deeply about if you are contemplating or engaged in leading change.

(**Full disclosure: Beth quotes me at some length.)