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A Healthy Calendar for 2009

With the plethora of health association and advocacy group awareness months, weeks and days to come in 2009, the clever researchers at The Washington Post’s Health Section have showcased a collection of well over 200 observances from January to December. The health observances listing includes everything from National Physical Fitness and Sports Month to Root Canal Awareness Week to World AIDS Day. The complete list can be found at National Health Information Center website.

As you look ahead at your organization’s planning and events calendar, there are unique opportunities to build sponsorships and partnerships with advocacy groups to showcase important health issues as part of your own event. Beyond strengthening the bonds between the non-profit sister and brother hood and demonstrating concern for health issues affecting the world we all share, your members also benefit.  Given the aging population and the challenges of building a savvy and sustainable volunteer and staff workforce, as leaders we all benefit from having a better understanding of the likely challenges to and opportunities for living a long and healthy life.