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The Coming War of Wages & Words

HearNoSeeNoSpeakNoIn the “it’s starting to get ugly out there” category comes a news report from Ad Age Daily News that a disgruntled former employee may be responsible for issuing a fake e-mail message purportedly from the CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) Jeff Haley.  The fake e-mail message  announced the lay-off of five employees and complained about salaries and alleged sexist behavior according to the article
RAB Defends Itself Against Hoax E-Mail
written by Andrew Hampp.  With unemployment rates rising and Congress demanding wage concessions from union autoworkers as part of the auto industry bail-out, the likelihood of continued downward pressure on salaries in the association community will no doubt create controversy and foster difficult discussions around non-profit Board tables for some time to come.  Stay tuned.