Showing The Love for Wired 4 Leadership 2014

Showing_The_Love_for_Wired_4_LeadershipLeaders have a lot to learn, me included. While you may be tempted to dismiss this notion as trite or cliché, it is and remains the central tenet of effective leadership. The rate of technical progress is increasing exponentially, we are discovering more effective ways to use our brains and bodies to learn, and leaders at all levels face challenging environments–global and otherwise–that for lack of a better description are always “on”.  You can’t stop learning.

At Wired 4 Leadership we recognize the demand you face in  re-thinking your business models and the need for strategies that optimize all available resources gave you plenty to think about in 2014. With our sincere thanks to those of you who shared your responses and reviews, here are your favorite posts from Wired 4 Leadership in 2014:

3-D Leadership in a Changing World – There’s a new normal afoot that I’ve taken to calling 3D leadership. You don’t need those cheap plastic glasses to see or experience it. You will however want to think hard about your worldview with an entirely new lens.

5 Reasons Complexity Is Your Friend – Business leaders. Community leaders. Association leaders.  Education leaders. Political leaders. Thought leaders. As a rule, they are smart, driven, and extraordinarily capable women and men.  Many of them are increasingly confounded by the complexity they face each day.  Who could blame them?

Leaders: Get Your Head In The Game – “Get your head in the game” is the clarion cry of coaches demanding athletes regain focus and bring their talents to bear on the success of the team. That’s incredibly true for successful and effective leaders as well.

New CEO? Five Ideas To Help You Thrive – Congratulations! You’re the new CEO. Ruh-roh! Now what? Every leader faces the inherent challenge of making their mark. None more so than a newly appointed CEO.

Why Leaders Should Practice Forgetting – When it comes to common knowledge, leaders have a lot to learn about forgetting.  Why?  Because forgetting is essential to finding new, innovative solutions to long running problems and challenges.

The Meaning of Change for Leaders – Leaders need to revel in change. There’s no other way to say it. Without a bona fide commitment at the top to alter an organization’s way of doing business, change will fail. Not at first and maybe not for some time. But it will fail.

As we at Wired 4 Leadership look ahead to 2015, there will surely be enormous challenges and amazing opportunities for leaders as new media, business services, products, and technologies surface to support the extraordinary efforts of our teams, customers, clients, and members.

We close out 2014 by wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday season, a very Happy New Year and a most prosperous 2015. You deserve it.

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