Reality Bites Newspaper. Score!

Newpaper_ReadersChange has come to ASNE and kudos are due Executive Director Scott Bosley, the members and leadership who didn’t blink.  Score one for reality!  ASNE–the American Society of Newspaper Editors will become the American Society of News Editors, dropping “newspaper” from its name. In addition, the group will open membership to leaders of online news providers and leading journalism educators.  In a letter to members announcing the results, ASNE President Charlotte Hall states that this change will allow “us to reflect the fact that we serve editors who are leaders in delivering news on multiple platforms in addition to newsprint.”  According to ASNE,  74 percent voted in favor of the new name and 86 percent in favor of extending membership to editorial leaders of online only news enterprises and leaders in journalism education, including deans, directors and endowed chairs.

ASNE, founded as the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1922, is the main organization of the directing editors of daily newspapers in the Americas. The organization, with some 600 members, is leading efforts to protect First Amendment rights and enhance the free flow of information, to promote the newspaper´s role in providing information necessary to the informed practice of citizenship, to encourage innovation and celebrate creativity in newspapers and the new media environment, to drive the quest for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and news content, and to bolster media credibility and improve high school journalism.

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