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kerry_stackpole_wired_4_leadership.comHi, I’m Kerry Stackpole.
If you’re like me, you’ve been inspired by other great leaders from all corners of the globe. The ideas they share inspire you to action. As a CEO, advisor, speaker, author and leader, I’ve written about leadership since 2008 when I created the Wired 4 Leadership blog.  My goal is to share ideas and insights with you, about what it means when you are  responsible for followers. As Aaron McCoy over at Idealist Careers puts it, “Wired 4 Leadership has one goal: to help good leaders become great leaders.” I think that sums it up nicely.

Leaders fulfill a unique place in our rapidly changing world.  More importantly, leaders can come from anywhere. There are business, community, and political leaders. The folks heading up associations, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, sports coaches, military, regulators, policymakers, executive branch agencies, university and college presidents, principals’ and the moms and dads at PTA.  Leaders.  Everyone of them. And everyday, the serious leaders among them in our communities and across the globe are learning how to better serve others in the face of an ever-changing environment. By my definition they are all Wired 4 Leadership.

I’ve learned a few things about leading people and organizations over these past many years.  I hope my stories and ideas resonate with you.  Whether I hit or miss the mark, I always welcome your comments.  Share your thoughts and experiences at any time.

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