We Lost A Valiant Leader

superkidsThe world lost a talented and brave leader.  When gunfire erupted at her place of work, she instinctively ran toward danger and risk.  Dawn Hochsprung, the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut died in a school doing work she loved.  Her talents and strengths were deeply respected and admired.  A place committed to inspiring each student to excel.

In truth, this is all too difficult.  There are few words of comfort.  It is near impossible to imagine a day where 26 people—youngsters, talented educators, school staff and their leader—came to face such mortal danger and deadly consequences.  Outside the world of law enforcement or military service, few of us ever imagine facing off with a person so intent on such evil.  Yet here it was.

Our hearts are broken.  And again there is this certain reminder that life is full of unknowns and more risk than we might ever imagine.  While little consolation, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School is a tribute to the uncommon bravery and courage of ordinary people and the unheralded leaders among us.  It is a testament and reminder of the character and courage of Dawn Hochsprung.  In the face of unspeakable chaos, she stepped into the moment and gave her all.  She will forever be that valiant leader.

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