How Coffee & Donuts Pick Presidents

Coffee Cup Poll Shows Obama in the LeadCan coffee predict Presidents?  Well that’s what the 7-Election Presidential Election predictions suggest courtesy of the highly unscientific 7-Election Presidential Coffee Cup Poll.  The coffee cup poll now in its fourth Presidential election year invites you to pour your favorite hot beverage into either a red cup for Republican nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, or a blue cup for Democratic candidate, President Barack Obama. According to 7-Eleven the poll has proven remarkably accurate in elections past, with results closely mirroring the official surveys by the country’s top political pollsters. In the first 7-Election in 2000, only 1 percentage point separated the cup-counts of now-President George Bush and Democratic nominee, Senator Al Gore. Likewise in 2004, President Bush out-cupped Senator John Kerry, 51 percent to 49 percent.

So far, the 7 Election Poll results shows President Obama ahead at 58% with Governor Romney drawing 42% of the national coffee cup vote.  President Obama leads in the big states including California, Texas, New York, Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida.  Governor Romney holds a solid lead in Idaho and is running slightly ahead in New Hampshire, South Carolina and West Virginia.

Donuts Make A PredictionSo what fuels political campaigns?  Dough—wait for it—nuts.  That’s right, coffee drinkers aren’t the only ones who accurately choose Presidents.  While the candidate’s debate the “donut hole” in Medicare coverage, LaMar’s Doughnuts in Denver has launched the 2012 Presidential Donut Poll, a reprise of the 2008 (unscientific) survey. For the 2012 poll, LaMar’s customers will choose from the “Dough-Bama” and the “Mitt Yum-ney,” each appropriately handmade, shaped and decorated according to the corresponding political party’s identity.  The donuts will be sold from Sept. 1 through Oct. 31, and LaMar’s will track sales and release polling results throughout October on its website.  Four years ago, the LaMar’s Donuts Presidential Poll projected Mr. Obama as poll winner, with 52 percent of sales. Then-Senator Obama won the real election with 53.7 percent of the popular vote.  And that’s the hole story, until you vote on Tuesday, November 6th.

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