How 50 Wise Women Are Changing Our World

The Washington Post delivered a wonderful and informative Christmas gift to its readers–an illuminating story about the growing array of talented women in leadership–and the writer and force behind the success of Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women conference, Pattie Sellars.  Written by On Leadership editor Lillian Cunningham the article, The Rolodex that defined power, describes the dramatic success of the Most Powerful Women Conferences and the struggles both inside and outside the editorial salons at Fortune Magazine on how best to illustrate and think about the ranking and portrayal of women leaders on the rise.  In the article, Sellers tells of insisting the women be ranked. “It’s the only way that guys will read this thing, because guys are into stats and status and size and rank.” she told her editors.

In an era of when the gains of women in the workplace are taken for granted by many, Sellers stories, the conference and the team at Fortune Magazine continue to showcase the struggles, disparities and the awkward challenges of being first.  Sellers also showcases the assets and advantages women leaders share, the benefits of using power for good and the strength of camaraderie women leaders find with one another.

Lest you think the Most Powerful Women event exclusively celebrates women, two men made it on the invite list. You’ll want to read the article to find out who and why.

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