LinkedIn. LockedUp.

jail_cellWho says social networking doesn’t pay?  Clever crimefighters may find a new ally on LinkedIn.  True story.  Association member calls to say they hired a new sales person.  The sales person has been working for a few months, and is collecting salary/commission advances against future sales.  Unexpectedly, the new salesperson has now stopped reporting to work, answering his phone or responding to e-mails.  Oh, and he never made so much as one sale, so his salary advances were never actually earned.  Member firm is having difficulty locating the now former employee.  Social media to the rescue?  You guessed it—association staffer types this fellow’s name into the search field on LinkedIn and viola there he is.  Will he join the staffer’s network?  Sure, he replies helpfully.  An e-mail correspondence ensues.  Where’s he working now?  Surprise, surprise he’s working for another association member firm, collecting advances on non-existent sales all over again.  A few phone calls later and our intrepid non-sales rep is now talking to the police about the crime of fraud.  The clever and innovative uses of social media never ceases to amaze.

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