Change Early. Change Often.

business_card“Change has no constituency” according to the philosopher and politician Niccolo Machiavelli.  Leaders understand this conundrum.  Those clever enough and committed enough to find ways to understand and overcome this natural human resistance to change tend to prosper in good and bad economies even when superior talent is scarce.  The Association Forum of Chicagoland is hosting a four-part Change Management Series exploring best practices to implement change,  tools for measuring , using technology to facilitate and support change, and the final segment, on ways to take charge of strategic change, scheduled for April 23, 2009.  You can garner some insights about the issues at hand in two YouTube videos posted by the Forum.  First up, Kerry Stackpole shares ideas and examples from his presentation on Best Practices to Implement the Change Process: Improve Your Readiness for Change.  In part 2 of the series Tools for Organizational Change: What to Measure and Why? speaker Jon Hockman shares his best advice on how associations can deal with the current economic climate.  The segments are great primers on successfully leading change in an association environment both and offer highly useful insights about doing so in today’s—how shall we say—uncertain climate?  Take a look for yourself.

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